Neil Squared - A tribute to Neil Young & Neil Diamond

Wolfville Farmers' Market, Wolfville

Largely influenced by the sounds of the 70’s, award winning singer/songwriter Kenny Byrka has taken the works from two of his favourite artists who began their magnanimous careers during this era and developed a stunning 80 minute tribute to both Neil Young and Neil Diamond. The contrast between the two from a vocal and writing perspective is obvious, yet Kenny emulates both with precision, character and creative parameters, fuelled by his multi-instrumental abilities and diverse vocal range. Neil squared is a collection of the classic songs from each artist, assembled for your enjoyment and to celebrate the richness of words and music from two musical legends. 

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Kenny has been joining Elsie Morden on the "No Time for That" Tour, which started in November 2012. 

Using personal stories and music, "No Time for That" Tour provides powerful presentations dedicated to youth empowerment, mental health awareness, and bullying prevention.