Write and Record Workshop 
Approved artist with the Nova Scotia ArtsSmarts Program
A songwriting and recording workshop for K - 12 students. 
Students collaborate and compose an original song that is recorded either in demo form or in a more complex multi-tracked version to  a finished mix! Students leave the session with a finished MP3 audio file and a video file that can be uploaded to youtube. 
Workshop Highlights:
  • To involve students in the process of songwriting and music composition through collaborative methods
  • To understand and work through the concepts of song form and structure
  • Introduction to recording and multi-tracking
  • Familiarize participants with the use of computer based digital recording platforms such as ProTools. 
The program is offered as either a 1 day/single class session, a 2 day back to back workshop or a full week + residency. You may choose any of the options below to fit your school scheduling and particular student needs. 
Option A:    'Demo in a Day'
This is an ideal introductory session for a single class interested in learning about songwriting and recording i.e.. K-6 students. Max # students - single class size
The Day involves 2 - 45 min writing sessions in the morning followed by an hour recording session in the pm and a 20 min. mix presentation of the final guitar/vocal demo at the end of the day. The session times are to fit class timetables.
Fee $ 250.
Option B:  'Back to Back 2 Day'
A more intense approach to developing a song and tracking it with a small group of highly motivated students. The students are involved for two full days. 
Max. # of students - 12.  Well suited for Middle years and senior years students with specific interests in writing, performing and audio engineering.
Fee $ 450.
Option C ' Full Week Workshop'
This option is a  good way to either involve 5 separate classes (1 per day) or a smaller specific group of students that works through a writing and recording process to a finished mix! Any arrangement of Option A and B can also be assembled over the 5 day residency. For example, Monday through Wednesday might see 3 classes followed by a two day intense worksop for a smaller group of highly interested students. This is a great way to involve a large portion of the students body as well as those who possess a high degree of interest in some aspect of the writing and recording process. * Multiple weeks can be booked in the same school over the course of the year*
K - 12:  
Fee $ 1, 250.
For more info on Kenny, previous workshop audio samples and the booking calendar, please visit:
kennybyrkamusic.com    (click on the Workshop tab )  
To contact Kenny Byrka directly - kbyrka@gmail.com   

Tracy Chapman:  "Songwriting is a very mysterious process. It feels like creating something from nothing. It' something I don't feel like I control"
Brian Wilson: “The idea of taking a song, envisioning the overall sound in my head and then bringing the arrangement to life in the studio…well, that gives me satisfaction like nothing else…My state of being has been elevated, because I’ve been exercising, writing songs…No masterpiece ever came overnight. A person’s masterpiece is something that you nurture along.”

Neil Squared - A tribute to Neil Young & Neil Diamond

Wolfville Farmers' Market, Wolfville

Largely influenced by the sounds of the 70’s, award winning singer/songwriter Kenny Byrka has taken the works from two of his favourite artists who began their magnanimous careers during this era and developed a stunning 80 minute tribute to both Neil Young and Neil Diamond. The contrast between the two from a vocal and writing perspective is obvious, yet Kenny emulates both with precision, character and creative parameters, fuelled by his multi-instrumental abilities and diverse vocal range. Neil squared is a collection of the classic songs from each artist, assembled for your enjoyment and to celebrate the richness of words and music from two musical legends. 

Please check out www.kennybyrkamusic.com